Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ammonia-free Hair Color Cream

Now we come up with new ammonia free hair color cream which gives your hairs a natural look with shiny, smooth and nourished hair skin as you wish from any hair care product, this product is available in 60 different shades, this cream is semi permanent and last for 10 – 12 weeks and even then it remain but in dull shade, some of our creams shades we have finally decided and manufactured after getting information from consumer through market survey and we haven’t even gather response from consumers after use experiences but also have get some informative and amazing information about the consumers way of using and events in which people prefer more to use these hair color creams.

See the FIFA event or stadium of cricket full of crowd; people with dye hairs multicolor dye,
dye their hairs with respect to the flag of their club, and in fan following youth adapt the fashion of their idol heroes like make his hairs curly, straight, spikes and different styles through hair styles’ products then use conditioner and shampoos to remake them as they are previous, means use either to get involve into the fashion or to get rid of it they have to have use those products then why don’t we give them something that’s really worthy for them.

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