Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Usage of Urethral Catheter

Urethral Catheter is used for routine medical checkups & drainage of urine from the bladder. They can be used for multiple purposes like diagnostic or therapeutically. They are used to in & out for quick drainage from the bladder. They are used for injecting & drain out the urine. There is no limitation of the age for using urethral catheter. But they are different for both genders. They are available in different sizes & materials. There are two types of catheter one is permanent & one is temporary. The permanent is placed in the body for drainage of the urine from the bladder. The temporary are used in the surgeries & removed once the patients recovered from the illness or surgery.

The procedure is usually performed by the nurses in the hospital but self catheterization can also be performed. The urethral catheter are now quite comfortable as compare to the ancient Greek where a metal tube is used as a catheter for the patients and burning spots were visible on them which shows that they are being sterilize and used again with other patients. Now the disposable catheter ensure the safety of one’s health and they are easy to insert & takeout. Urethral catheter is now used almost in every part of the globe due to their unique characteristics.

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