Monday, 24 February 2014

Blood collection tube, A Short Study Of Clot Activator

Blood collection and suction through vacuum technology has changed the perception of medical and blood collection image. The blood is easily collected through blood collection needle, the needle is inserted only one time and tubes with different specification and purposes are used to collect blood drops for different purpose of blood test and pathological test in medical laboratory and diagnosis of disease.

Vacuum Blood collection tube with clot activator is normally used to collect the blood and then on a very first time the blood drops in a tube is reacted with the clot activator and the clots and blood separate in the tube. the main purpose of these specifically blood test is to collect specific sample of blood for the test, in which pathologist studies, discover or diagnose from the given sample.

Another name of blood collection tube through vacuum technology is vacutainer and the needle use is vacutainer needle for veini puncture where as the manual and safety precautions are also sent to the users. The quality certifications are also a very big factor and a part of use of vacutainer to ensure the body prevented from hazardous injuries and damages. Moreover, another big factor for blood collection is the expiry dates because expired chemicals  can cause different types of diseases. For more detail you can visit:

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